Prawn Tempura (6pcs) 11 (12pcs) 20
Crispy deep fried battered prawns served with tempura sauce

Assorted Tempura (10pcs) 12 (20pcs) 20
Prawns and vegetable tempura

Sakana Furai 12
Fried breaded mix seafood served with tongkatsu sauce

Calamari 12
Deep fried breaded squid rings

Gyoza (6pcs) 8
Japanese steam and pan fried chicken or porkdumplings with layo sauce

Chicken vegetable Spring Roll (4pcs) 8


(NEW) Salmon vegetable Spring Roll (4pcs) 8



(NEW) Vegetable Spring Roll (4pcs) 8

Yaki Tori 10
Grilled chicken skewers in teriyaki sauce

Tori Karage 10
Diced marinated chicken with sauce

Salmon salad (GF option) (raw) 12
Diced fresh salmon on a bed of greens with a savory sweet spicy dressing

Cucumber Seaweed salmon (grilled) salad 9
Splashed with a vinegar dressing

Agedashi Tofu (V) (GF option) 4
Deep fried tofu served with sweet soy sauce


side salad (V) 4.50 Edemame(V) 4

Miso soup (V) (GF) 2 Bowl of rice (V)(GF) 2

Kimchi (V) (GF) 4.00 Fried egg 1.50


(NEW) Seaweed Salad (half)  5  (full)  9


(NEW) Kaiwari Salad (half) 5  (full) 9

cucmber,seaweed,crab, and takuan, julienne cut







(NEW! )House Special  Chicken, Beef, Seafood   20


Seafood Udon (soup) 13
Tempura Udon (soup) 12
Yaki Udon (Fried noodles with mixed veg 12
and flavorful fruity soysauce
   - w/Beef or Chicken 14
   - w/Seafood 15

(NEW!) Seaweed Salad   (half) 5  (full)  9

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