Dynamite: Salmon, Tuna, Takuan, green onion, black sesame seed with dynamite sauce Dragon: Unagi (bbq eel) crab stick, avocado w/ teriyaki sauce Mexican: Salmon, wag amole, jalapeno, takuan, spring onion, tongarashi with dynamite sauce

Volcanic: Grilled salmon, crab, spring onion, deep fried with spicy sauce

Rainbow: Tuna, shrimp, salmon, avocado, crab, cucumber with mayo Blossom: Fresh tuna, red snapper, salmon, topped with fresh Tuna and wasabi sauce (not hot)
Seoul: Kimchi, salmon, crab, shrimp w/ kimchi sauce Alaskan: spicy salmon, avocado, and tobiko Tango: Bell pepper, shrimp, mango and tongatsu sauce

Chef’s Special Additions

Mountain Roll - 16
Salmon, Tuna, cucumber, crumbs w/sweet spicy sauce. Topped with salmon sashimi, shredded crab and crumbs drizzled in more savory sweet spicy sauce! A MUST TRY


Red Dragon Roll - 17
Shredded crab, crumbs, avocado, and Ebi Tempura. Topped off with diced spicy tuna, drizzled with sweet spicy sauce and sesame seeds

Snow Roll - 15
Cream cheese, cucumber, prawn tempura and avocado, coated in crumbs, drizzled with sweet sauce


Bulls Eye - 14
Deep fried roll w/salmon and green noion in 2 dipping sauces


Dragon Fly - 17

Prawn tempura, and shredded crab topped off with red and white tuna and crab drizzed with spicy sauce



Lion King - 16

avocado, and crab deep fried and topped off with spicy crab and salmon and crumbs



White Dragon  - 17
salmon,cucomber,prawn tempura with mountain sauce. Topped with sliced salmon, shredded crab, spring onions and spicy sauce



Bonsai Roll  - 17

Deep fried Scallops, deep fried prawns and deep fried crab combined with our famous dynamite sauce. Topped off with more diced scallops! green onions and sauce.


Krunchy Kaiser Roll  - 16

Smoked salmon, creem cheese, deep fried yams and avocado rolled with our special yam sauce, topped off with delicious krunchy yam sticks, prawn tempura and shredded crab.


Spider Roll  - 17

Whole soft shell crab deep fried in a sweet batter coupled with crab stick and crumbs drizzled in two sauces.


Sushi Special combination

Sashimi Deluxe - 40
8 kinds of sashimi (3 slices of each)


Maki mono combination - 34

20 pcs of maki combination of 4 pcs California maki, 4 pcs spicy tuna maki, 4 pcs tempura maki, 4 pcs spicy salmon maki 4 pcs dynamite maki


Sushi moriawase - 22
6 pcs of nigiri, 4 pcs of smoked salmon maki, 4 pcs Seoul maki.


Sushi sashimi imperial - 60
A luxurious selection of 8 pcs nigiri, 12 pcs of assorted sashimi, 8 pcs of spicy salmon roll, 8 pcs of Seoul Maki


Trio Special (Sushi, Sashimi, maki) - 66
40 pcs Boat - Sashimi: Tuna, Salmon, Mackeral. Maki: Spicy Salmon, California maki, Tempura maki. Nigiri: Tamago, Octopus, Hamachi, and Crab



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